Paperwhites opening, originally uploaded by i am superjen.

Two different times, Paulette has given us bulbs in a glass container that bloom – first some beautiful red tulips, then an amyrillis last Christmas. I used the old container since I
A. saved it and
B. actually remembered where in the shed it was hiding!

and put in some paperwhite bulbs that I bought off a clearance table at Pikes for a dime apiece. This is the first one opening, I can’t wait till they all bloom! I never did plant my crocus bulbs outside, but they’re in this container too, maybe I’ll get a few flowers from them, too.

Directions for forcing bulbs:
1. Put them in a clear, wide mouthed glass container.
2. Fill the container so that they are side by side and holding each other up so they don’t tip sideways.
3 Put just enough water plus a tiny pinch of Miracle Grow plant food in there so that just the bottom 1/4 of the bulbs are in water.
4. Steph doesn’t use #4, so I’ll give that a shot as well.
5. Put that in a sunny window and wait forever – some will send up shoots and bloom, some will just sit.