Today B was nice and brought me back a sea salt from the store, so I could make some bath salts.

I made it in the 4oz jelly jars (Ball brand canning jars)

That’s about 1/2 a cup of salt.  Add a 1/4 cup of oil, in this one we used half sesame and half extra virgin olive oil.  To that, a few drops of vanilla extract, about 10 drops of grapefruit oil and some zest from a lemon and a lime that were sitting around.

Stir it all up, let it sit a minute, then add more salt if it’s too oily, more oil if it’s too dry.  Here it is all done except for stirring in a little more lime zest to make it smell just like the Ocean Salt scrub from Lush:

The best thing is to run warm water and scoop out about a walnut-sized amount and scrub your hands with it, rinse well and use some lotion if you want but you probably won’t need it. (Use Dream Cream if you want the whole Lush experience).  Super soft, good-smelling hands, what’s not to like?

(Thanks to Brigitte for stirring up this batch and taking the great pictures!)


I am happy about sewing this week. Not sure if I’ll actually finish a project but I bought some patterns (Tracy Reese Vogue patterns V1203 and V1190 and DKNY V1250) and I got some fabric for the kitchen chairs, if there is enough left I will also sew some pillows for the couch. Isn’t it pretty and summery?  The fabric, not the patterns.  The dresses I am happy about, she designs a lot of stuff for Anthropologie so I am going to look for some fabric that’s not so harsh a look as what the patterns show, I want something softer and more floral.

I made this last night, it has a fishing weight in the bottom of the cap so it won’t tip over easily.

Looking at all of the others on flickr makes me think that bottlecap pincushions might be my felt ornament replacement for small projects to work on over my lunch break!

Thanks to verybigjen for the idea and the tutorial!

And for once, not super busy! JB made some experiments to eat on Christmas Eve, and they turned out great: the little tarts are onion in a cream sauce with feta cheese, and the other really pretty pastry is spinach and ricotta – so good dipped in marinara sauce! We had that on the table anyway for the eggplant he makes, and we had sausage and peppers and french bread slices to go with it all. It was a table full of heavy appetizers for dinner, and it was all so good!
Christmas Eve food

So here are two of the 18 bags I made for neighbors, co workers etc. Just the neighbors got doves, but they were all fun to make since I got to cover every surface in the kitchen with cookies.


The doves were made from the template that was posted over at

AAAAAAAAnd Christmas Day pictures are up over at Gnat’s right here.

Felt reindeer ornament craft, originally uploaded by i am superjen.

Pattern below, I had so much fun playing with felt last night! I’m making a bunch of these as ornaments, to tie on to gift bags, and to justify going to Michael’s and buying a bunch of felt and pom poms for no good reason.

Here’s a much easier pattern, free if ya want it, for making a cute felt reindeer ornament.

Pictures posted when B brings back my camera!

If anyone has advice on making this into a pdf that people can print out, great, otherwise I guess download the big version at flickr and choose for the picture to fill an 8 1/2 x 11″ page when you print it.  Thanks so much to Gnat’s friend (was it addicted2knitting??) for the pdf!

Cut two of each piece, sew together with embroidery floss. As you sew the antlers, put in a folded in half twist tie from the junk drawer in your kitchen. Leave an opening so you can stuff it, sew it shut and you’re done! It took me about 20 min. to cut and sew, so it’s really not a hard project to do if you want something to make while you watch TV or something.

Reindeer pattern – pdf

Making a pattern, originally uploaded by i am superjen.

I am once again sending everyone (and by everyone I guess I just mean the twins!) over to my flickr page. It’s under ‘my pictures’ over there to the right.

Any suggestions on an easier way to come up with a pattern??

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