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I am happy about sewing this week. Not sure if I’ll actually finish a project but I bought some patterns (Tracy Reese Vogue patterns V1203 and V1190 and DKNY V1250) and I got some fabric for the kitchen chairs, if there is enough left I will also sew some pillows for the couch. Isn’t it pretty and summery?  The fabric, not the patterns.  The dresses I am happy about, she designs a lot of stuff for Anthropologie so I am going to look for some fabric that’s not so harsh a look as what the patterns show, I want something softer and more floral.

Paperwhites opening, originally uploaded by i am superjen.

Two different times, Paulette has given us bulbs in a glass container that bloom – first some beautiful red tulips, then an amyrillis last Christmas. I used the old container since I
A. saved it and
B. actually remembered where in the shed it was hiding!

and put in some paperwhite bulbs that I bought off a clearance table at Pikes for a dime apiece. This is the first one opening, I can’t wait till they all bloom! I never did plant my crocus bulbs outside, but they’re in this container too, maybe I’ll get a few flowers from them, too.

Directions for forcing bulbs:
1. Put them in a clear, wide mouthed glass container.
2. Fill the container so that they are side by side and holding each other up so they don’t tip sideways.
3 Put just enough water plus a tiny pinch of Miracle Grow plant food in there so that just the bottom 1/4 of the bulbs are in water.
4. Steph doesn’t use #4, so I’ll give that a shot as well.
5. Put that in a sunny window and wait forever – some will send up shoots and bloom, some will just sit.

new (to us) table, originally uploaded by i am superjen.

We actually had this table and two chairs, bought them at Storehouse for way too much money about 9 years ago. Then we never could afford to buy the other chairs to complete the set. I liked the original better, since it was in the dark walnut color, but this set was on craigslist for $200. Less than the cost of just one of the chairs! So I’m very happy about our pretty, matching new set of table and chairs! It came with two more chairs and a leaf, too – I put the best two chairs away to bring out when we have company. We can put them on the end and pretend all 6 look new. 🙂


Another thing that was nice, Sean came with me so I’d have a big guy with me since I was going up to a craigslist stranger’s house (actually was a very nice guy and his two cute daughters).  We got lost a little but found a Starbucks (gosh, what are the odds of that???) and then found Steph’s house, which we weren’t too far from.  So I got to see all of them, and forget my Christmas presents. Again.  Steph, you can probably keep those for Xmas 2008 at this point, I’ll never know the difference!   I left a blanket for the most pathetic cat in the universe, Sasha I think is her name.  She was DESPARATE to get in the house, or ride in the car with us when we left, since she’s been banned from going in until her worms clear up.  Steph, I want that blanket back at some point, I want to make a quilt and use that for the back.  SO put it in your craft closet, K?

rose, originally uploaded by i am superjen.

Here’s the story of the most determined plant I know.

In 1997, I bought a tiny plastic pot out of a clearance grocery cart at Kroger for 15 cents. It had a cup of potting soil and a half dead miniature rose plant in it. I took it home, put it on the porch and forgot about it.

Every year, it blooms and then gets a disease and almost dies. It’s different every year. Once all the leaves turned yellow and fell off. Once they got black spots and fell off. Once it froze early in fall and all the leaves turned brown and fell off. Are you beginning to see a pattern here?

So anyway, every year it dies and I think ‘Oh well, it did great for a 15 cent clearance plant!’. Every summer it blooms again. It has been moved to four different houses, it has been in all kinds of light from full deep shade to blazing hot sun all day, and this will be the tenth year that my little rosebush has been shoved off to the side of the house and not been watered or fed or anything, and the tenth year that it blooms anyway. I’m scared to pamper it now, it obviously likes to be neglected.

It smells really nice, too. And that’s my post today, a picture of the rose blooming – a picture before something awful happens to the leaves and they all fall off.

Can I have a piece, too?, originally uploaded by i am superjen.

Happy Easter!

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