This is my new favorite.  I froze regular made-with-real-sugar-not-‘lite’ strawberry yogurt in ice cube trays.  I also froze 1 inch chunks of banana.

Take the cup to the Magic Bullet, and add 2 regular ice cubes, two yogurt cubes, 4 chunks of banana and a few whole strawberries.

Next, add a half cup or so of milk.

Screw on the cap and blend it, shake it so the chunks fall down to the blades, blend it again…keep doing that for about 30 seconds or so and voila!

A great tasting strawberry banana smoothie that has not too many calories and keeps me from feeling like I’m starving if I’m running late for lunch.

Now my freezer has little baggies with pre-measured amounts of yogurt cubes and fruit, so all i have to do is

grab one and throw it in the cup with milk.  Because I love to organize stuff so I can be lazy 🙂