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We had so much fun today going to the Animal Safari in Pine Mountain!
I went with Steph and her kids. You go there, drive through and feed the animals. They stick their heads in the car windows and slobber. I’m putting up video soon on my youtube page. Steph’s pictures are cuter, she got a great one of a guy who got out of his car (you’re not supposed to do that!) and chased a baby piglet. The animals were all so great, funniest were the big ones like the guy in this picture, they were really pushy about the food. You had to put both hands on their necks and heads and SHOVE to get them out. Toward the end of the tour we just kept rolling when they came up to the car, and rolled up the windows and yelled ‘bye!!!!’ at them. The others that were cute were the pigs – the deer and goats and whatever would trot up looking for food, and you’d see them from waaaaaaay across the field, they’d look up and start running like a kid after an ice cream truck. Wait for me! Wait for me!
Anyway, I’m looking forward to more day trips like this one, maybe the GA Aquarium next?