And for once, not super busy! JB made some experiments to eat on Christmas Eve, and they turned out great: the little tarts are onion in a cream sauce with feta cheese, and the other really pretty pastry is spinach and ricotta – so good dipped in marinara sauce! We had that on the table anyway for the eggplant he makes, and we had sausage and peppers and french bread slices to go with it all. It was a table full of heavy appetizers for dinner, and it was all so good!
Christmas Eve food

So here are two of the 18 bags I made for neighbors, co workers etc. Just the neighbors got doves, but they were all fun to make since I got to cover every surface in the kitchen with cookies.


The doves were made from the template that was posted over at

AAAAAAAAnd Christmas Day pictures are up over at Gnat’s right here.