Nickolaus aftermath, originally uploaded by i am superjen.

This is what was left of the nice plate I put together for Sean for Nickolaus. It WAS an orange, an apple, candy canes, a chocolate Santa, Hershey bar and kisses, some Andes candies and last but not least the traditional (to our family, anyway) chocolate covered raisins and a Santa mug with a hot chocolate packet in it.

I made one like this for each of the kids, and in case anyone is reading who doesn’t know what Nickolaus is, it’s a German tradition that we do every year on the 6th, St. Nickolaus leaves treats for good boys and girls and we don’t use the traditional shoes by the bed, we leave plates on the nightstands. Also my kids weren’t necessarily that good, but you’d have to be pretty awful to not get anything!

Next year instead of plates, I’m making these!