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I just can’t believe how much fun it was to go ride around in racecars yesterday. Tons of free stuff, rides in the cars, super nice people working there… I am just speechless except for


I don’t really buy smokes anymore but since I escaped that addiction before I got cancer or anything, I can honestly say that I have completely gotten more than my money’s worth for every dime I ever spent on cigarettes .

There are more pictures at my flickr account, just click on this picture and look around.

And to think that I was thrilled with the zippo and stuff they’ve mailed to me over the years – this topped anything I’ve ever won and yes, I am including the U2 tickets I won that one time in that. These companies must really have a huge advertising budget, when I think of the stuff you can get with Camel cash, the Winston girls who used to float around bars in Atlanta giving away packs by the handful…

mission accomplished, Marlboro, now I want to smoke again.