So we woke up at 5 this morning so we could go to Six Flags. They had a free day sponsored by a local radio station. “We’ll get there nice and early” I thought. “We’ll beat the crowd by getting there right after they open at 6”. Well, in the car on the way there, they said on the radio that the park hit capacity at 5:52 and cops shut down the interstate exits leading to the park, so we took our over-caffienated selves back home and stayed up. As a result, I feel like it’s midnight right now, even though it’s only 3 in the afternoon.

What was I thinking?? All the people in the Metro Atlanta area who swarm the WalMarts etc the day after Thanksgiving must have camped out the night before. If they’ll camp to save on Christmas shopping, they’ll camp to bring the kids to a $50-a-ticket park for free during Spring Break. Funniest had to be the dog – we gave him food, water, let him out, told him to be a good boy until we got back, turned out the lights and left. Then came back 10 minutes later. That had to confuse him just a little, he looked up and looked really puzzled when we came back in.

I read a book instead since I had told everyone we’d be gone all morning. It’s called “Vanishing Acts: A Novel” by Jodi Picoult. It was pretty good – about a woman who lives with her dad and finds out (at age 32) when he’s arrested that he kidnapped her by not bringing her back after weekend visitation when she was only four. I liked it in the same way that I like Lifetime movies, but it was better than that since there wasn’t a subtext that all men are bad, and the author didn’t lean on the whole repressed memories thing too much. Plus there were no tampon commercials. I will say that it was annoying how they changed fonts for each chapter, based on who was speaking (each chapter was one of a handful of characters telling the story from their point of view). Maybe I was annoyed since I was tired? I also skipped right past all the stuff about her dad in jail – I know the lady went to jail to research and all but I don’t like reading about a guy in jail, and which losers he sides with, and how mean all the different gang members are. Thankfully she spared us from the guy being raped in the shower (or did she? I skipped the dad’s chapters in the middle of the book!). I also skipped some of the Noble Native Americans and Their Lifestyle Which is Richer and More Significant than Ours stuff. I did really like the one character who lives next door to the trailer the woman and her daughter stay in during the dad’s trial, she was really cool.

Wow. I guess I skipped quite a bit. That must be why it only took about 3 hours to read. The parts I read, I liked though! Anyway, let me know if you want the book and you can have it.

I’m off to take a nap!