no knead bread 1st attempt, originally uploaded by i am superjen.

Here are the steps I followed:
– read about the bread on about 40 different blogs
– look up those creuset or whatever pans that everyone used for it.
– buy some bread flour a few days later
– Print out the recipe, stick it to the fridge with a magnet, take 3 days to remember to actually start the bread in the evening since it takes so long to rise.

So it took a week to get it going, but very very little time or effort to actually make the stuff. I just made it in a regular old Corningware casserole dish, and didn’t even have the cornmeal to dust it and it turned out SO GREAT! Nice and crusty outside, warm and fluffy inside, just all around a perfect loaf of bread. I don’t even have a knob on my stove and have to constantly look at a cheap thermometer I hung inside the oven and adjust to keep the temperature right, and it still turned out great. So if you’re scared to try yeast bread, make this stuff, it couldn’t be any easier.