pollen on the car, originally uploaded by i am superjen.

It needs to rain. Soon.


In other allergy related news, Sean got tested last week.  They lay you down on your stomach and draw 68 dots in pen on your back.  Each dot gets a scratch made with one of those blood sugar tester type sticks, but they have an allergen in with the blade.  Then you wait 15 minutes – if a dot turns red and swells up, you’re allergic to whatever was in there.

Poor old kid was allergic to all kinds of grasses.  And our pets.  No, we’re not getting rid of the pets but I don’t think I’ll let them sleep on his bed anymore.  Oh, and he’s allergic to dust mites.  So I guess this means I have to start cleaning a lot more than the patented Flylady ‘swish -n- swipe’  🙂

(Because an allergic kid is the ONLY reason to keep your house dusted, right?  Right?   )