100_1911, originally uploaded by i am superjen.

So there’s a little section of Kenwood in Fayetteville that starts out at Hwy 314, which is a bunch of lanes and leads to the horrible Fayette Pavilion shopping center, and ends up next to a tire place on Hwy 85 in that part of Fayetteville that is identical to Riverdale – that chunk of road that all blends into one giant ugly semi-abandoned stripmall mess.

Anyway, in this little section of road is this building, some really pretty 100+ yr old houses and a little church, along with a ‘Historic Kenwood Community’ sign. I never knew it was there!

This building was my favorite, I think because you can tell it used to be really busy there and now it just looks haunted. The kind of place I look at and think about half-written novels in which the now adult heroine is driving by and gets a cold chill when she realizes or maybe half-remembers that something horrible that was hinted at in the little blurb on the back of the book may or may not have happened there…

…and events that are happening right now are affected by this horrible something, affected in ways that only the omniscient author can allude to until it all gets resolved about 12 chapters later!

And who am I kidding, Mary Higgins Clark already wrote all of those, and I won’t ever take the time to write another one, anyway. But the picture sure is cool, isn’t it? Nice and bleak and February. I’ll have to go back in spring and get a cool black and white but the flower is hand painted yellow picture of a daffodil popping up from the cement by the loading dock, and it’ll look all like “Optimism!”

It’s a plan, Stan.