I was going to post a cute picture, featuring my new red rice cooker (squee!) but the food got scarfed down immediately so there’s just a mess left.

Brown a pounded B/S chicken breast in olive oil with red onion, diced and 1/2 tsp chopped garlic. Add a tablespoon mild curry powder, a half tsp each red pepper and salt. Microwave a handful of carrot chips with a little water to soften them, slice up a zucchini, add those plus a handful of frozen cauliflower and a small can tomato sauce (unflavored – the kind that sucks all flavor out of stuff). Pull out the chicken and chop it up, stir it back in and then simmer the whole thing until the rice is done.

This is super cheap and you get all your food groups. Chicken $0.75 (part of an on sale pack), cauliflower $0.30 (1/3 of a $1 kroger bag), $0.70 zucchini, $0.50 for 1/3 of a $1.50 bag carrot chips and a $0.39 can sauce. I don’t count rice, spices or the cost of 1/4 onion since I always have those anyway. So even if you count those this is a lot less than $5 for four people. Yay chicken.

Tomorrow, the amazing $5 chicken alfredo dinner. Then the incredible Mexican dinner, around $7. One night this week will be Frozen Crap Nite ™ when I’m too lazy to cook. Cost: $4.

Clearly, we are broke this week. This is why I gain weight when we’re broke.  What’s the cheapest dessert to make? Why, that would be shortbread!  Dipped in a handful of melted chocolate chips!  Yes, I will make pancakes for breakfast, they’re cheap!   🙂