Citrus is the theme of the week for me. Do I love happy orangey colors? Vitamin C? That fresh smell when you cut into a grapefruit?

Yes, I do.

But the reason for the theme is peels. Grapefruit and orange peels. On the counters, by the couch, on my nightstand, next to the computer and on top of every freaking trashcan in the house. What can I say – we’re all slobs. It smells nice in the house, but slobs nonetheless. B’s friend’s mom asked about fabric samples she has hanging in the kitchen, trying to decide on curtains. I of course went for the orange right off the bat (sorry – burnt orange).

I’m expecting my mystery customer this week to be the cleaners with the orange guy.   The mystery customer is the one you don’t know is coming, is in a hurry to send stuff out, and invariably calls when you’re knee deep in another job.  I love love love mystery customers, because it’s usually for a small (like $50) job and I can justify wasting that money on stupid stuff because I wasn’t expecting it.