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Motto, courtesy of Wayne: it’s bound to be better!

This year it rained, but stopped in time to blow up a ton of fireworks at midnight.  We had an EMT there, so it was safe.  That was the joke, anyway.  B went to a friend’s house, but at 10 or so I started to get text messages from her.  Then the friend.  So I sent back ‘r u bored’ because really, how bored do you have to be to text your friend’s mom???  I picked them up and they stayed until 12:30.  When they called to ask about coming over, her mom was ok with it.  Then Patrick walked by the phone singing.  Pause.  “Mom, she wants to know if you’ve been drinking”  🙂

We had a great time, Patrick really has a great party every New Year.  Featuring the pizza hut, pizza hut song – you haven’t really experienced anything until you’ve seen your folks and all their neighbors singing that.