I wanted to go to the thrift store this morning, and didn’t even know why. I found out after I got there – a paper folder for $15!!!! They’re over $500 new. The lady seemed really upset when I told her how much they’re worth, and kept talking about how a church donated it. When I assured her it would still be folding church work, she said at least it would be going to a good home, and I understood COMPLETELY how she felt. I hate giving things away sometimes, and knowing something is going to a good home helps for some reason. The little Christmas ornaments were part of a big bag full – I gave them all away but these. Aren’t they cute??

Also today, a big thanks to Gnat for the sewing book. I went and saw her family yesterday, after the big early morning shopping extravaganza which I did again. The trick – leave at 7am. You get there and most of the stuff isn’t sold out yet, but the angry pushy people have come and gone already.

If you care to see, I put up more videos at youtube. Steph, I think I fixed it now. Posted by Picasa