So we went to the Taste of Home Cooking School in Newnan. Shockingly enough, Gnat wasn’t able to make it after all. Here we are in our seats by the wall – we got there a little late and thanks to the Fight Club movie, whenever I pass a row of seated people I hear Brad Pitt “Do I show you the crotch or the ass?” πŸ™‚

There were so many people there. Funny thing, I went all set to mock the crowd and make scathing comments about their puffy paint holiday (it’s Fall so lots of leaves) sweatshirts, but once I got there it really was a good time. I actually unironically enjoyed it. That’s happening a lot as I get older, imagine that. There were tons and tons of mom/daughter combos and at the beginning they asked all the men to stand up so we could count them both. Ummm, yeah, and since it’s the south and a cooking show I did mean to say tons and tons πŸ™‚
It was basically an infomercial for Viva paper towels (“next, put down your Viva and measure the flour over it to catch any spills”) and those paper plates that lock together, and of course the cookbooks/magazines but the lady running the show was really chipper (no, really really chipper) so you didn’t notice too much. Picture a live action Magic Bullet commercial. You know when something is soothing and mesmerizing? Yeah. Like that. I’m DEFINITELY going again next year.

Although I hope it’s closer to Thanksgiving next year so we can see the really wacky sweaters with elves and stuff embroidered on. Posted by Picasa