So here’s a post about chicken quesadillas. I’m going to add these from time to time for whoever wants to try something different. What made these so good is the mexican brand fajita seasoning I put all over the chicken and onions. I cooked those in a pan and when it cooled a little, I chopped it all up with one of those food choppers and put it on the tortillas with cheese.

You can see, they turned out SO GOOD with salsa and sour cream on them.

If you want really professional looking cooking photos and recipes, go to and choose the ‘even more’ search options until you get to the page where you can search blogs. Some people do this so well I’m surprised they don’t have their own magazines. Those blog searches are funny like that, whatever you know how to do, someone else can do it better and blog about it with beautiful pictures. I stand by my dinners though. $ means less than $5 for all four of us, I served them with a 99 cent 2 liter of coke and a $1 bag of frozen corn. Posted by Picasa