This picture was taken after Hurricane Cindy (so two weeks from now, last year). Lots and lots and lots of rain. The same day they were having a funeral for a kid who drowned in water like this, JB and I found Sean and the neighbor boys running around in this area. One slip and nobody would even find the body for a week – we beat his behind and yelled at the neighbor kids too. Neighbor mom was unhappy that we yelled at her sweet darlings. Anyway, lots of rain last summer.

This year, not so much. My lawn is crunchy. Must be global warming. Speaking of which, what ever happened to acid rain? Weren’t we supposed to be dead of that by now?

I was just looking at last year’s summer pictures and this one looked neat, so that’s my update for today. I got nothin’ else interesting 🙂 Posted by Picasa