This is the toaster oven, baking away on the back porch. My poor air conditioning can’t keep up with the 90+ temperatures this week, so I am trying not to cook so much. I really wanted some meatballs though, so this was my solution. I ‘m eating what I want, when I want since I’ll be in the hospital/not feeling great probably for the rest of the summer so my goal is to see just how fat I can get before I go in.

# of boxes of Little Debbies eaten this week: 3 (the kids helped)
# of homemade strawberry cheesecakes: 2 (those were all me)
New recipes cooked: 2 (Rachael Ray again, a pan-seared tuna with lemon zest and fresh herbs and stuff. And again for lunch the next day, but with swordfish instead and brown rice cause I’m eating healthy, right?)

I am still eating my vegetables and drinking my water – I’m just eating an awful lot of crap afterwards 🙂 JB pointed out they probably won’t send me home with all the fun painkillers like last summer, so I’ll lose the weight no problem ( vicodin totally makes you fat since everything tastes so good, man! ) Posted by Picasa