So here’s a picture of some of the work we did this week – Sean helped me fill the sacks and load it up, and commented that bad kids will be getting JUNK MAIL for Christmas this year. It’s more fun if you pretend to be subcontracting for elves. It is. I promise. Although slinging the sacks over your shoulder and saying HO HO HO as you load them is only funny once, and then only if you’ve been up most of the night and are getting a little punchy.

For the craft this week, I know Gnat has been sewing sewing sewing all week. Here’s what I’ve got in the textiles dept: some old buttons, a ratty pillowcase and some of these neat dishtowels I got at Kmart. And tons of mail sacks, but they are official US Government Property with a maximum $1000 fine and 3 years imprisonment punishment for misuse. Plus they’re that stupid plastic fabric now instead of actual cotton like they used to be. So maybe I can make a cute country crafty waterproof mailsack pillow? No. I think I’m going to have to actually buy something for this week’s craft.

Ideas, anyone? Maybe some of my thousands of loyal readers can help me out? (I’m looking at you, steph.) Posted by Picasa