JB was convinced that they made up this Indian mound just for campers, but it turns out that it was made sometime between 1000 BC and 1000 AD. Give or take a few centuries πŸ™‚ B went to 4H camp there and they do still tell the ‘legend of the Rock Eagle’ and it involves a dead princess or something. Maybe that’s the made up part? I just remember hating the hike up there through 95 degree heat and poison ivy. Princess B was apalled that she had to sweep AND mop AND clean up there. I totally forgot about that, it was such a non-event for me. I guess she is a little bit spoiled. Oh well. She’ll just have to marry a rich guy and get a housekeeper, right? πŸ™‚ (Actual scenario will probably be living in her own filth until someone makes her feel ashamed enough to learn to clean. And the someone will have to be a boyfriend. It doesn’t work if I do it. I tried already. Poor future boyfriend!) Anyway, she came home hoarse and tired with a bag full of wet stuff so I’m assuming she had a great time, she’ll tell me tomorrow when she gets up.

I also remember making shrinky-dinks there, and that the toast was inedible. They bake it. It’s still like that now, some 20-odd years later. I also remember the stupid camp songs, and the guy we were all impressed by: he was a skinny little black kid with scabs EVERYWHERE and a little bald spot from where he did headspins, and he carried around a box and that kid could breakdance like anything you’ll ever see on TV. He was awesome, the star of the camp that year. Posted by Picasa