…like Goat Milk Fudge! We had instructions to stop at the weirdest roadside gift shop and get JB something cool, so this place looked like it would fit the bill. They had weird taxidermy, and unexplainable crafts such as the felt and cork sea captain complete with a beard and hair that were made of real fur (which was shedding furiously all over the shelf), ‘Indian’ artifacts, knives with super ornate handles etc. We got him a preserved real alligator head (free foot keychain with purchase!). Oh, and monkeys carved out of coconuts.

But the oddest thing was the proprietor of this establishment, with his unplaceable Eastern European accent and way of staring at us. I took a picture of Sean next to a big Indian sculpture thing and I thought the guy was going to literally pick me up and throw me out of the store! He was worried I was going to steal his craft ideas.

Word to the wise: if you see a dozen neon billboards on I-75 northbound from the Turnpike advertising Indian River grapefruit, by all means check out this weird store, but DON’T BUY the fruit! The only creatures enjoying the fruit were thousands and thousands of fruit flies. I seriously have seen nicer fruit going to the dumpster behind Kroger. And don’t steal the guy’s craft ideas! Posted by Picasa