We had such a great hotel this time! This was the view from our window – at night it was even cooler. That’s the Downtown Disney shopping area, which is as fun as I remember malls being (back in the 80s when I liked malls).
This picture is from a new ride at Epcot, called Soarin’. No g. Anyway, it makes you feel like you’re hang gliding – wind in your face, the smells, everything. I actually got dizzy a few times, that’s how realistic it was.
Here I am with B, in front of one of the incredible flower sculptures they had there. Those are all impatiens,if you can believe it!
Here’s the obligatory picture of the castle. It was Gay Day, but I didn’t see as much of the funny stuff this year. ??? So basically, it was a less crowded day at Disney, with more red tshirts than usual.

We had a blast, as usual. Thanks, Capital One!!! Posted by Picasa