How many songs? 2807
Last song played: Bone Machine – the Pixies
Longest song: Dark Star – Grateful Dead (I’m not counting classical or podcasts for this.)

Sort them A-Z
First Artist: 311
Last: Young MC
Top 5 played: Kitty – Presidents of USA
Just A Kid – Spongebob Movie soundtrack
All Alone and
Dare – Gorillaz
Bop to the Top – High School Musical soundtrack

(ok, that last one I’m blaming on B, the Spongebob is mine tho I’ll admit)

search for the following words, how many songs come up?
sex: 22
death: 9
life: 36
love: 140
you: 259

Musical confession: you saw Young MC up there right? Bust a Move is such a great song and I refuse to apologize for liking it.

First 4 in shuffle:
Jivin’ the Vibes – Lionel Hampton & His Orchestra
Opening theme – the Powerpuff Girls
Athol Brose – Cocteau Twins
Eighties – Killing Joke

Currently playing: Channel Z – B-52s