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So the rules of the craft competition that me and Gnat came up with: it has to be done by morning, and we can’t go buy anything to make the craft. So papier-mache it is!

This will be some kind of crazy bird, right now it’s still drying since I ALWAYS make it too soggy. The dinner I made was SO GOOD. I got a Rachael Ray cookbook and made a pan of chicken/garlic/sundried tomato/basil meatballs that turned out great, but I was nervous about it since I’ve never used ground chicken before, so I made some regular beef meatballs as a backup. That’s what you see in the bowl, along with just some Kroger brand frozen cheese ravioli and crusty bread. I’ll come up with a cream sauce for the chicken meatballs tomorrow.

Anyway, that plus a mess in the kitchen and some brownies for dessert is what I made today.

What’s up with the picture grids all of a sudden, you may ask? I don’t know how to post more than one photo at a time, so this is my workaround.