So Gareth and I went to see Catfight (supposedly the ‘last show ever’) at the Atlanta Brewing Company. They were doing a DVD release party, so while they showed the film we went in search of food. Our options: the Chevron station, a Subway (it was closed), and further up the hill an Einstein Bros. (also closed). So we went into the Veni Vidi Vici in search of takeout.

Now, this is a fancy schmancy place, people dress up nicely to eat there. The maitre d’ looked up with a very nice ‘how may I help you’ face when the door opened, which quickly and comically melted into a ‘crap, how can I get rid of these losers’ face as soon as it registered what we looked like.

We assured him we only wanted takeout and were directed to the bar, so we flip-flopped on over there, fluorescent wristbands glowing, to order tapas to go. To the bartender’s credit, he was very nice and the food was all excellent – so we scarfed down expensive appetizers while sitting in the back of the Trailblazer. We had to eat with our hands (what, no sporks???) which just added to the experience – excellent veal meatballs, assortment of breads, sausage and peppers, then wipe your hands on your jeans and get going!

Once we got back in, the show had started and it was FUN. Dancing sexy gogo girls, mistakes galore and even a makeshift limbo stick. On the way out, I had to put a glove on my water bottle on the beer conveyor belt (I’m Shirley, not Laverne).

Anyway, Gareth got to see his “next wife” 🙂 on drums, I spent all my cash on a movie, and soem other stuff including a vinyl single (no, I don’t even have a record player right now) and I got a free tank top. And a good time was had by all but Steph, who really should have come too!

This was the second best time I ever went out with Gareth, the first best involved motorcycle helmets and ended with us being surrounded by at least 4 cop cars in a Hardees parking lot. But that’s a story for another day! Posted by Picasa