I remember the day I won the pageant. It was so great, beating all the other girls. I rode down the streets of Tyrone that hot summer day, waving proudly at all the little girls who wanted to be me. I felt bad, knowing I had deceived everyone, but until the end of the day when my title was rescinded (after my tearful and wonderfully dramatic confession) I was on top of the world!

Turns out you can’t be “Miss” anything if you have a husband and two kids. Who knew??? Well, technically, I did, but I just had to see if I could win. And it turned out I was great at the whole pageant thing, from hair and makeup down to my “Won’t everyone please think of the forgotten animals in shelters?” speech. For the talent portion I sang, of course: Wind Beneath My Wings is a bit of an obvious choice, but it didn’t get to be a classic for no reason! The harpist was rushing the tempo a bit, but I made it work. Anyway, enough about the pageant! I just wanted to share. Here I am before they disqualified me. Isn’t the tiara to die for?!? Posted by Picasa